our approach

Tourism | Diversity

When done well, tourism and hospitality connect people and remind us of our shared humanity.  As we experience new foods and our senses are stimulated with new sights, smells, and sounds, and we find our world and heart a little bigger.  We need more of this. We need more connection through sustainable tourism.  Sustainable tourism invites visitors while furthering local economic development and natural resource management.  

Konesens Development provides research and services for tourism development and promotion entities, travel agencies, and others in the industry to increase travel, understanding, appreciation, and acceptance of the diversity in humanity.

Capacity Building | Inclusion

Oftentimes, development initiatives are implemented, only to later fail while increasing economic gaps.  At times, a critical factor often overlooked is that those most impacted by the initiatives were not included in the planning.  

Konesens Development provides capacity-building support and social inclusion training for non-governmental organizations and other entities that foster community and economic development; and corporate social responsibility (CSR) assessments for businesses in the tourism sector.

Trade | Equity

It's not enough to have a diverse workforce.  We need to support diverse business owners and employers who will help create jobs that further sustainable development and economic equity. 

Konesens Development provides business development, and trade promotion and support activities for economic development entities, NGOs, and businesses interested in international trade.


Above: KD Process in a stable environment


Above: KD process in a transitional environment