What makes Konesens Development unique?

...Our Vision

Konesens Development has a vision and commitment to peace and prosperity for everyone. Through inclusive training, responsive services and  innovative tools, we are intentional in our effort to foster holistic and sustainable development that promotes understanding and create economic opportunities for all members  of society. More information on our approach can be found here.

...Our Evolution

 Konesens Development emerged from Konesens Research, a global market research firm founded in 2004 that focused on online research and panel development. As the research firm began to expand its services to include sustainable tourism research in emerging economies, the logical next step was to form Konesens Development.

...Our Commitment

Konesens Development is committed to ensuring a social return on investment (SROI) on all projects. While we focus on economic development, trade promotion, and tourism strategies, we are keen to ensure that the projects we work on are created with the intention of enhancing the livelihoods of the most marginalized.