What makes Konesens Development unique?

...Our Vision

Konesens Development has a vision and commitment to peace and prosperity for everyone through services and tools that are intentional in fostering a better understanding of our shared humanity.

...Our Evolution

 Konesens Development is a woman-owned firm that emerged from Konesens Research, a market research company that focuses on online research and panel development. As the research firm began to expand its services to include sustainable tourism research in emerging economies, with a focus on pro-poor tourism, the logical next step was form Konesens Development.

...Our Commitment

Konesens Development leads with its heart. While economic development is often necessary for sustainable development, we are committed to ensuring the social return on investments (SROI) as well, and are driven to initiatives that foster inclusion and equity for marginalized populations. 

the team

Harriet Lewis, PhD | President & CEO

Julio C. de Carvalho, EdD | VP, Educational Initiatives

Hamaradha Hassan | Infrastructure Planning Lead

Lynda Holiday Lawrence, MARS | Faith Initiatives Lead

Fidaa Abuassi | Business Development Coordinator