Fostering peace and development through civil society, trade and tourism.

Sometimes history and tradition separate people...

 ...and other times history and tradition bring people together. 

Konesens Development is...

... a social enterprise that celebrates diversity and fosters inclusion and equity. We accomplish this through NGO capacity building and promoting sustainable trade and tourism.

We know that community and economic development are critical to establishing and sustaining peace and growth in transitioning and emerging economies.  It is our mission to create and further initiatives and programs that are inclusive of ideas and aspirations from everyone, including women and other often marginalized populations.  

Feature | Renewable energy and sustainable tourism


The country of Cabo Verde has a plan to run on 100% renewable energy by 2025.  This video, produced by "Eco Africa-The Environment Magazine," presents the country's capacity for solar and  wind energy generated from the northeast trade winds.  Renewable energy will further sustainable development and growth in many industries, including tourism.

An ecotourism destination, Cabo Verde is a great location for surfing, hiking, and taking in the sun on its many beaches found on the 10 islands that make up the archipelago.

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